Scope of Participant


International Nutrition and Health Symposium (INHESION) 2017 is organized by Department of Nutrition and Health, Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) Indonesia to facilitate and support a forum with an aim to discuss and share experience between academic scientist, health practitioners, industry and government about the current development of nutrition, public health sciences, policies and health programs around the world who have interest to study aspects that influence health and nutrition.

Although the Inhesion 2017 more emphasizes topics on relation of lifestyle on health, which including physical activity, sports, healthy behavior, eating patterns, nutrition, etc., other topics related to the mentioned topics are welcomed to participate in this event. Example of topics are, but not limited to:
a. Nutrition
Clinical nutrition, community nutrition, nutrigenomic, nutraceutical, and nutrition and disaster.
b. Public Health and Epidemiology
Communicable disease, non-communicable diseases, environmental health and global health.
c. Food Safety and Science
Food security, food science, local food, food safety regulation and standard, functional food, halal food production, food borne disease and food service.
d. Lifestyle
Sports, physical activity and healthy lifestyle.
e. And others
Health economics, sosio-cultural aspects of health.